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22 02 2019


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Bishop of Dipolog

23 03 2015

Bishop Severo

Third Bishop of the See of Dipolog


Epsicopal Ordination
By David Capacio, FY 3
The Mahogany Publication
The Official Publication of Saint Mary’s Theologate, Gango, Ozamis City

On the Thirtieth (30th) day of October in the Year of the Lord Two Thousand and Fourteen (2014) at Nine (9:00) o’clock in the Morning, Thursday, in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Dipolog City, was the Solemn Eucharistic Celebration of Episcopal Ordination and Canonical Taking-Possession of His Excellency, the Most Reverend Severo Cagatan Caermare, D.D., as the Third Bishop of the See of Dipolog.  He was conferred by His Excellency, the Most Reverend Giusseppe Pinto, D.D., Titular Archbishop of Pandosia, Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines as the Principal Consecrator, His Excellency the Most Reverend Jose A. Cabantan, D.D., Bishop of Malaybalay as Co-Consecrator and His Excellency, the Most Reverend Jose R. Manguiran, D.D., Bishop Emeritus of Dipolog as Co-Consecrator also together with His Eminence Orlando Cardinal Quevedo, O.M.I., D.D. as the Homilist.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Dipolog City was filled with bishops, clergy, religious, lay faithful, family members, friends, parishioners, visitors and people from the different dioceses of DOPIM (Dipolog, Ozamis, Pagadian, Iligan and Marawi), other dioceses and places.  The preparation of the said big event was led by the Very Rev. Fr. Joel S. Montederamos together with the supports of the clergy, religious and lay faithful of the Diocese of Dipolog.  In the Eucharistic celebration with full gladness, excitement and joy for Most Rev. Severo C. Caermare to be consecrated as the new bishop of the See of Dipolog, Msgr. Emigdio Socias made the reading of the mandate of Apostolic See that commanded his episcopate.  In the homily of His Eminence Orlando Cardinal Quevedo, O.M.I., D.D., he emphasized that the laying of hands of the Consecrators, pronouncing the prayer of consecration will let the Holy Spirit transform Most Rev. Fr. Caermare forever in which our human minds cannot understand.  He stated that Bishop Caermare’s ministry is truly a tremendous mystery and a gift because through him, Christ Himself as the High Priest, sanctifies His people, through him,  Christ Himself as the prophet, proclaims the Father’s reign of as King, leads His people on the way to eternal happiness in the Kingdom of God.  He then challenged Bishop Caermare that in his life and ministry, he must always be for the poor and to follow constantly the way of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd.  He ended his homily with the aphorism of Pope Francis that goes, “The bishop will sometimes go before his people pointing the way and keeping their hope vibrant, at other times, he will simply be in their midst with his unassuring and merciful presence and yet at other times, he will have to walk after them, helping those who lag behind and above all allowing the flock to strike out on new paths”, and then giving the blessing of the Blessed Mother of God and Jesus Christ to guide him to become a Good Shepherd.  by then, Archbishop Giusseppe Pinto, D.D., expressed also a message of thanks for the 27 years of service rendered by Bishop Emeritus Jose R. Manguiran, D.D. to the See of Dipolog, offering his life to God and for the Church as a father and a pastor and urging Bishop Caermare to never lose his wonder of the plan of God.  After the message of Archbishop Pinto, Bishop Caermare went down and turned around the aisle of Cathedral to bless the people.  Subsequently, the new ordained Bishop Caermare delivered his message starting to express his motto, “Benedicam Dominum Semper” which means “I will bless the Lord always” adapted from Tobit 4, 19 and Psalm 34, 1.  He expressed his message with full of joy and gratitude and a little undeniable tense.  As the youngest bishop in the Philippines in his time, he was determined enough to conquer his human limitations and difficult cross of responsibilities through the love and care of God and taking these challenged to be more confident, more faithful, more zealous and brave in his ministry believing that everything happens for a purpose of increasing his firmness of faith.  He stressed that Pope Francis’ values and ways of being pastor will be the sources of his inspiration to be a shepherd who always carries the smell of the sheep.  Thus, asserting on the point that authentic power is service, he assured everyone that he will be a collaborator for good governance, fairness, justice and peace and will not hesitate to criticize and condemn the evils that come from the abuse of powers.  He said, for us he will be a bishop but with us he will be a friend, father and a brother.  He ended his message by thanking everyone and with a song, avowing to God, “Thank you for choosing me from all the rest, though I’m for from being the best, but most of all I thank you, for loving me.”

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“Because of You” by Fr. Dagpin

18 04 2013


21 01 2013

by: Bishop Jose R. Manguiran, D.D.

           Ania-ay balita gikan sa “Office of Human Life International Philippine Chapter”, kansang director mao si Dr. Josef Bullecer.  Si Dr. Bullecer nagbalita ngadto sa Mindanao Family and Life Convention didto sa Butuan, Febrero 2012 mahitungod sa baksin (Vaccine – Vacination) nga giduso sa Philippine Health Department.

           Ang baksin para sa hangga (rubella); ang baksin para sa bayo-ok (mumps); ang baksin para sa tipdas (measles) dili kasaligan, magpahamtang og kada-ot.  Ani-a ang mosunod nga rason:

 Agig balik-tan-aw sa nahitabo niadtong tuig 1995, ang CWL, sa Pilipinas nagpasaka og sumbong atubangan sa Korte Suprema batok sa paggamit sa Anti-Tetanus program nga giduso sa UNICEF pinaagi sa Department of Health.  Ang Korte Suprema naghukom ug nagmando nga ipa-undang ang anti-tetanus program tungod kay ang baksin nga anti-tetanus nagdala ug B-HCG.  Mikabat sa tres milliones ang nakadawat sa maong baksin, kadaghanan kanila mga babaye nga nag-edad sa dose anyos hangtud sa 45 anyos.  Ang tumong sa maong baksin mao ang pagbabag sa kapasidad sa pagpanganak (sterilization).

           Daghang klase sa vaccines nga gipakita ni Dr. Bullecer sa video Footage;  ako lang lakbitan ang tolo ka klase nga baksin nga makapalisang kanato  kay gi-apil sulod sa baksin ang hilo: 1.) Biothrax.  2.) DPT. 3.) DTAP.  Kining tolo adunay sagol nga chemical nga FORMALDEHYDE (sa comun nga pinulongan-Formalin). Sa publikong pagsabot, ang “formalin” gigamit para sa pagbalsamar sa patay.

Didto sa America usa ka US Congressman, Mr. Dan Burton nagpa-injection sa iyang apo; ang vaccine adunay sagol nga preservative MERCURY (Thimerosal).  Ang resulta – ang bata nagsakit dayon sa AUTISM. Ang puntari-a sa Mercury mao ang “neuro” sa otok ug ang nervous system.

 Ang ilhanan sa AUTISM mahubad diha sa taras sa bata: kon ang bata mawad-an sa kapasidad sa pagtuon, ug sa pagpaminaw.  Ang Mercury mao ang chemical nga gigamit sa tigmina og bulawan ;  ang mercury makatabang sa pagseparar sa bulawan gikan sa ubang minerales.

           Ngano nga gi-apil diha sa vaccine ang mercury, formalin ug aluminum? Ang tubag nila mao kini : Kining mga chemical makatabang sa pag-preservar sa vaccine.

           Unsa ang baroganan sa Ulohang Simbahan sa Roma mahitungod sa Vaccination?

           Sa Junio 9, 2005, ang Pontifical Academy for Life naghimo og pagtuon kabahin sa “Moral Reflections on Vaccine prepared from cells derived from Human foetuses. “ Ang unod sa pagtuon nagatug-an kanato nga adunay ubang baksin (vaccine) nga nagdala og “Cells nga kinuha gikan sa gilaglag nga gisabak.“ (Cells from aborted foetus). Ang resulta sa maong pagtuon sa Pontifical Academy gipasaka ngadto sa Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith; ug kining Congregation for the Doctrine nagkondenar sa pagprodukto og “Vaccine nga kinuha gikan sa gilaglag nga gisabak.”

Diversity is Innate in Nature

21 01 2013

By: Bishop Jose R. Manguiran, D.D.

Our planet-earth is endowed with diversity of sceneries and
diversity of life-forms whether invisible or visible:
Where there is diversity, there is beauty;
Where there is diversity, there is unity;
Where there is diversity, there is identity;
Where there is diversity of culture, there is relationship;
Where there is varied sound-wave, there is symphony.
Diversity is God’s decree innate in nature.

But some men of hyper-voltage pride intend to delete God’s decree
by imposing their own decree on similarity:
Where there is similarity, there is monotony;
Where there is similarity, there is monopoly;
An obsession for uniformity is monopoly;
One world government as dictated by Globalization is monopoly.
One world market economy as promoted by Global capitalism is monopoly.
One town, one product (OTOP) is monopoly.
Mono-cropping practice in agriculture is monopoly.
Mono-culture is monopoly.
When politics is monopolized by a clan (i.e. similar blood line), there is a case of dynasty.
Dynasty is a resurgence of the imperial families of the ancient times.
As usual, dynasty is more loyal to its consanguinity than to the citizenry.
Dynasty is contradictory to DEMOCRACY.

To impose man’s decree on similarity is anti-nature, anti-God,
To acknowledge and to practice God’s decree on DIVERSITY is pro-God,
pro-nature, pro-life.


21 03 2011

Fr. Severo C. Caermare
Rector Saint Mary’s Theologate Seminary
Gango, Ozamiz City

Vocation @ Digital Age

“Can any thing good come out of Nazareth?” (John 1:46) This is the cynical question of Nathaniel, when told by Philip, that he had met the one whom Moses wrote about and the prophets proclaimed. With a similar tone and sense of negativism, we ask: Will there be vocations in the Digital Age?
Pope Benedict XVI in his message for the 48th World Day of Prayer for Vocations recognizes the difficulty and challenge in finding vocations for “the voice of the Lord seems to be drowned out by other voices.” These are voices that are loud to hear and so strong that they cannot be ignored: internet, cellphones, iphones…etc. These instruments have helped us shape our means of communication. But they also define our ways of establishing relationships and building fellowship. While, these technologies have made us closer to those who are far from us, yet we can’t deny they make us farther those who are close to us by enclosing ourselves in a virtual world. They have grabbed our time and stolen our moments for God and for one another. “Don’t let Wifi make your prayer dry”, a call made by the Pope himself.
Remaining hopeful the Pontiff said that “the Lord does not fail to call people at every stage of life to share in his mission and to serve the Church in the ordained ministry and in the consecrated life.” It is in these circumstances that he reminded everyone that every Christian community, every member of the Church has the responsibility for promoting vocations, thus the theme of the upcoming celebration on May 15, 2011, is “Proposing Vocations in the Local Church.”
It is essential that every local Church become more sensitive and attentive to the pastoral care of vocations, helping children and young people in particular at every level of family, parish and associations –as Jesus did with his disciples –to grow into a genuine and affectionate friendship with the Lord, cultivated through personal and liturgical prayer.”
In this same message (February 10, 2011) then the Pontiff added a strongly worded call to priests “to testify to their fellow priests”, in order to provide a rich soil for the seeds of a priestly vocation.
Holding on to the hope that God will never leave his people without a shepherd, with faith-filled awareness of every Christian role in nourishing priestly vocations, we echo the Apostle Philip’s response: COME AND SEE! With joined hands and concerted efforts, it is our prayer that God may give us, formators and all agents of formation “the ability to foster vocations, a hallmark of the vitality of a local church” in this digital era.

Clergy Congress

4 08 2010