Diocesan Schools

Catholic Schools in the Diocese:

patron saint of Saint Vincent College

Saint Vincent’s College (SVC) started as a primary school at the time when Dipolog was jurisdiction under the Archbishop of Zamboanga. From 1932-1947, it offered complete elementary and high school. In the early 1950’s, it expanded its offerings to a Junior College, Associate in Art (AA), Elementary Teachers Certificate (ETC) and BSE-Inverted.

In school year, 1960-61 Fr. Contancio Mesiona was appointed Director of SVC. He introduced many changes and added more courses in the college department. SVC confers the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, B.S.E., B.S.E.D., BSC Secretarial Educational and in Business Administration.

patron saint of Saint Joseph College

True to its mission which is “to provide christian education to all”. Fr. Messiona proceeded to open a high school in the parish of Sindangan. St. Joseph College, started with 300 first year and second year students in 1968. Growth and expansion continued through the years, and today St. Joseph has complete high school and offers college courses like secretarial, AB, BSE, and BSC.

A veteran school administrator, Fr. Messiona was again given an additional assignment as the Director of Rizal Memorial Institute of Dapitan Parish. RMI has been in existence since 1946. It was then owned and managed by a group of professionals from Dapitan. In 1958, the stockholders donated the school to the parish of Dapitan. From 1958-1988, RMI was a parish school. What was originally a secondary school, RMI gradually grew to include complete elementary grades and opened a college department, offering courses leading to degrees in Commerce, Education, and Liberal Arts.

In 1988, RMI became the third educational institution owned by the Diocese and managed by Fr. Constancio Messiona.

Aside from three Diocesan colleges, the Diocese is blessed by the presence of other Catholic institutions in some of the parishes. In Dipolog City, the R.V.M. Sisters are credited for their pioneering work in the field of education.

Saint Mary's Academy

As early as 1892, the RVM sisters began their catechetical apostolate in Dipolog and later in Dapitan, working closely with the Jesuits. From the Escuela Catolica in 1896, St. Mary’s Academy an exclusive school for girls from Dipolog and the nearby parishes until school year 1982-1983, when the school administration decided to open its doors to boys. The RVM Sisters are very much a part of the Diocese, having been around for many, many years.

patron saint of San Francisco de Javier College

Aside from managing two other schools the St. Francis Xavier High School in Rizal, Zamboanga del Norte, they too have been very active in the various apostolates of the Diocese.

patron saint of San Estanislao Kostka College

The people of Manukan, Zamboanga del Norte are also privileged to have a Catholic School in their midst. The parish school, San Estanislao Kostka was founded in 1955 and offers complete secondary education with a night school for working students, and some college courses including Liberal Arts, Commerce, and Education. Rev. Fr. Felino Ragonton, the parish of Manukan is also the school Director.


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