Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish
Piñan, Zamboanga del Norte
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Wilson T. Lagare
Parochial Vicar: Rev. Fr. Adones B. Abapo

Parish History

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Piñan is as old as the diocese this coming December 17th. It was erected in the same year as the diocesan creation. So, it can be referred to as the “Diocesan Creation Parish”. Eight priests have ministered the parish. The first pastor was Fr. Hector del Callar. Those who followed him include Fr. Herculano Ugto, Fr. Levi Garcia, Fr. Hamilcar Blanco, Fr. Ranulfo Suarez, Fr. Alfredo Ganason, Fr. Noel Saldariega and the present one, Fr. Edmund Layan. Like the parochial patroness, these pastors have spent much effort to lead their flock nearer to the source of all love, the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Presently, it means re-organizing the parish into a BEC structured church. The work is not easy. A lot of reorientation of the mandated organizations apostolates and movements is indispensable. Leading the work is a vicarial team organized after the Facilitators Workshop Seminar. Together with the POPIMUS priests, the team facilitates the people’s discernment on the DOPIM-PCP II vision and challenge.
The diocese faces its future undaunted. So does the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Each reflects the courage and hope of the other as they go beyond the silver jubilee of their creation.


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