3. Saint Francis Xavier Parish
Mutia, Zamboanga del Norte
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Atilano B. Tabaranza

Parish History

Simplicity is beauty. This maxim describes the parish located at Mutia, Zamboanga del Norte—its people, church and life. It can also be said about the present pastor, Fr. Atilano B. Tabaranza. He is to administer the parish since its creation in June 18, 1970. Before him were Fr. Levi Garcia, Fr. Expedito Caermare, Fr. Noel Saldariega, Fr. Edgar Lavilla and Fr. Edgar Guantero, Fr. Nemesio Sayon, Fr. Wilson Lagare. The parish has been put under the care of St. Francis Xavier.

The people have tasked themselves with a simple but tremendous task—their formation into Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) or Gagmay’g Katilingban Simbahan (GKK). Led by their parish priest, the lay leaders, ministers, catechists, youth, mandated organizations and charismatic groups have joined hands in pursuing this goal. Seminars for awareness, renewal and formation are currently given in various chapels.

Simplicity is growth in the life of faith. Hopefully, the people of Mutia will realize the vision in their midst.


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