Rev. Msgr. Ranulfo M. Suarez, VF
Parish Priest
Contact Number

The church has to be courageous in carrying out its mission particularly amidst adversities. St. Vincent Ferrer Parish in Salug has learned this lesson the hard way—by undergoing trials. Forty-two years have passed since the creation of Salug into a parish on July 18, 1962, priests have come and are gone: Fr. Pio Saavedra, Fr. Nicolas Daga, Fr. Ancleto Pellano, Fr. Edito Gamallo, Fr.Oswaldo Bacareza, Fr. Wilson Cadano and Fr. Edgar Guantero, Fr. Beda Belotindos, Fr. Edgar Agura  Fr. Herbert Magaso and Fr. Joveniano Q. Buctuan–yet the parishioners have remained humble and simple. They have grown strong in their faith and brave in their unity. Otherwise, they could have easily been battered by the destructive storms in their ecclesial life. The on-going Christian formation program intended for their total human development is then not in vain. Rather, with prayers, and devotions, it is bearing fruit.
Today, through the leadership of Rev. Fr. Esquirion A. Santisas, the present pastor, the flock tries to put more flesh into their faith through the enhancement of the Basic Ecclesial Communities. As Christian ecclesial communities, they have also pre-occupied themselves with discernment on the decrees of the Second Plenary Council to be better guided in building basic ecclesial communities.

What church in Salug receives as grace hopefully flows to God for until now, the latter is still under the jurisdiction of the former ecclesial speaking.


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