The Risen Christ Parish
La Libertad, Zamboanga del Norte
Parish Administrator: Rev. Fr. Filomeno B. Cuaton

Parish History

Communion with other Christian churches is less difficult if the patron of the parish is the Risen Christ. This is the experience of the church in La Libertad. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a belief common to all Christians. It is the foundation of the Christian faith. Thus, an activity commemorating it, like a fiesta, can easily draw the participation of the other churches. The celebration becomes truly alive!
Life, which the patron signifies and has given to human kind, is further enhanced by the unity which the parishioners are gradually achieving through its basic ecclesial communities. The parish program aims not only for the spiritual development but also the economic upliftment of the people. So, while formation seminars for the lay leaders, kaabags, catechesis and the youth continue, a parochial cooperative has been established with initiative of the present parish priest, Fr. Apolinario Bejer. A lot of reorganizations, have been going on. One activity being experimented is optional tithing.
The parish is relatively young. It was created on March 18, 1978. Fr. Joseph Kuan was its first pastor. He was followed by Fr. Wilson Cadano and then by Fr. Herbert Magaso, Fr. Pol Bejer, Fr. Edwin Ticon, Fr. Allan Caermare and Fr. Filomeno Cuaton present pastor.

The Church in La Libertad hopes that God’s blessing upon them will always make them experience the newness of life in Jesus Christ.


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