CJS Seminary

Cor Jesu Seminary and pre theology seminary inspired Sacred Heart of Jesus and with the help of the blessed Virgin Mary, envision to be the center of excellence in human formation , spirituality, academics, community life, and pastoral ministry for the diocese of Dipolog and its nearby dioceses.

To form men who are already for the ministry of the catholic church and service for others

CJS Chapel

Cor Jesu Seminary (CJS) is a diocesan college seminary founded in 1980 by the first Bishop of Dipolog, Msgr. Felix Zafra. The boys admitted to the seminary enroll in AB (Liberal Arts), major in Philosophy at Saint Vincent’s College. However, subjects like Philosophy, Latin, Spanish, Religion, Formation and some Psychology and English subjects taught by priests and volunteer teachers are taken in the seminary.

For two years, CJS was temporarily housed at the House of Friendship, near the Christian Formation Center along Padre Ramon Street, in Dipolog City. In 1982, the seminary moved to a building near the Bishop’s Residence in Sicayab, Dipolog City. In 1990, the seminary community occupied the unfinished seminary building in Mibang, Sta. Filomena, Dipolog City, which is two kilometers from St. Vincent’s College and the Cathedral.

Since its foundation, four rectors have served the Cor Jesu Seminary, namely:

1. Fr. Gregorio B. Canonigo -1980-1983
2. Fr. Arnold Caboverde – 1983-1985
3. Fr. Luis Lapinid – 1985-1989
4. Fr. Genaro Daguplo – 1989
5. Fr. Philip Alicayos
6. Fr. Manuel B. Recera
7. Fr. Severo C. Caermare
8. Fr. Cesar D. Tinga
9. Very Rev. Fr. Joel S. Montederamos, VG- Present Seminary Rector

The Cor Jesu Seminary can now count three ordained priests and three deacons from among its graduates. Several professionals who are now experts in their own fields are also among the graduates of the seminary. With the increasing number of applicants every year, the seminary staff is considering raising the number of seminarians to 50 or 60 from the present number of 35 to 40 students.

The formation program of CJS is patterned after the DOPIM College Seminarians Formation Program approved by the regular DOPIM Formators Meeting headed by Bishop Antonio Tobias, who is in-charge of seminary formation. Adaptations are made to suit the particular locus and to emphasize human formation.

The seminarians are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities to give them the opportunity to develop a well-rounded personality. These include social, cultural, academic, sports and religious activities scheduled throughout the year.

Cor Jesu Seminary
Mibang, Sta. Filomena, 7100 Dipolog City
Zamboanga del Norte Philippines
Tel. No.: (065) 212 7264
Tele/ fax No.: (065) 212 3816

Seminary Formators:
Rector: Very Rev. Fr. Joel S. Montederamos, VG
Prefect of Discipline & Pastoral Director:
Rev. Fr. Adones B. Abapo
Dean of Studies: Very Rev. Fr. Joel S. Montederamos, VG
Procurator: Rev. Fr. Ian S. Cahayag
Spiritual Director: Rev. Fr. Leonilo A. Dagpin, Jr.

Faculty Members:
Fr. Cesar D. Tinga
Ms. Josephine Leyson
Mrs. Joy Ang, Dr. Joseph G. Refugio, DM-EM
Mrs. Nileda Acidillo, Mrs. Floreza Ligayo
Mrs. Aurelia Patanga, Mr. Richard Balais
Miss Lenie Jumalon


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