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The construction of the new church building symbolizes the formation that the people of the church in Roxas are presently undergoing. Created nearly twenty year ago, on November 11, 1972, the parish has constantly struggled to make the good news real in their lives. Initially led by Fr. Emigdio Socias, who was able to set up the basic ecclesial communities structures. Roxas parish has been served by the many priests: Fr. Reming Socias, Fr. Bonifacio Soria, Jr. Fr. Elmer Jamarolin, Fr. Halmicar Blanco, Fr. Philip Alicayos and Fr. Greg Canonigo, Fr. Enrico Montano, Fr. Sotico Florida, Fr. Atilano Tabaranza and presently Rev. Fr. Gonzalo Ta. Villamil. Fr. Blanco began reforming the people’s orientation and had been continued by the priests succeeding him though the creation and strengthening of Basic Ecclesial Communities. Presently, the parish does not only have mandated organizations and basic ecclesial communities. The church also supports two non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Moreover, the formation of the lay leaders, ministers, catechists and those engaged in family life apostolate go on.

Under the guidance of the Immaculate Conception, its patron, the future of the parish in Roxas looks bright. It looked forward to the time that the church, not only as a building but more important, as people, will be formed according to the Gospel Values.


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