The sailor who chose to be a fisher of men

29 12 2009

WHO WOULD EXPECT SOMEONE WITH A GROUCHY VOICE AND a stern look to be a priest, much more someone who has been journeying towards holiness? Such is Msgr. Edgar Mula Agura, fondly known to many as Msgr. Agura. At first glance, one wouldn’t know that behind that facade is a faithful and generous priest.

Born on February 9, 1951, the eldest among ten siblings (8 boys and 2 girls) Msgr. Agura graduated his elementary studies at Miputak Elementary School, Dipolog City and finished his unforgetable high school years at Zamboanga del Norte Provincial High School or ZDNPHS (now known as ZNNHS). As the eldest in the family, Msgr. Agura was tasked to look after the financial needs of the family so he took up Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering at Cebu School of Arts and Trade. He finished the course in two years and worked as a seaman for two years while trying to discern if he really is for the sea or for God. Msgr. Agura chose the path to holiness and a path which will lead him to a life long of happiness a path to priesthood.

With no one to ask about what life in the seminary is like, he entered the Immaculate Heart of Mary seminary in Tagbilaran City, Bohol to finish his Philosophical Studies without any idea what he was about to thread. He just knew that he had to start from here. After two years of non-stop struggle against the odds of life inside the seminary, he graduated in 1975 and pursued his Theological studies at REMASE Davao City and graduated in 1980.

Unlike his early college years at the marine school, Msgr. Agura struggled during his seminary years especially in the rigidity of academic formation. During those trying moments, Msgr. Agura shared that it was his strong prayer life and a vision of success that helped him through those trying moments.

Fresh from the seminary Msgr. Agura went back to his beloved city and was ordained on April 19, 1980. Just like any other young priest, he was assigned to be a light to a suffering parish, a parish so remote (during his time) that he felt that he needed all the support from the people around him to succeeded-the parish of Sergio Osmeña.

One of the problems that he needed to bear is the road going to Sergio Osmeña which he described as unbearable. It took him one day of foot travel to reach his parish. After serving at Sergio Osmeña, he was assigned in Liloy in 1984 as an assistant parish priest at the Cathedral for four years and another four years in Dapitan. In 1997-2000 Msgr. Agura was assigned as the Parish Priest of Salug, then in the Parish of Galas in 2000-2004 and in the parish of Siocon in 2004-2009. At present he is the parish priest of Polanco.

Just like other priests, Msgr. Agura considers teaching the people about morals and laws of the church as his biggest achievement that he had done in his priestly life. He is known to many, however, also as a priest who has a very generous heart. Msgr. Agura definitely knows how to give, not just himself, but also what he has.

If he were to give advice to young priests or seminarians, it would be “Never abandon your spiritual life for this is your anchor against all evil in the world.”

A priest who answered God without any hesitation and became a solid model of holiness, Msgr. Agura continues his great journey to serve the people-teaching and being a Model to all

Research by: Sem. Denric Sarceno-Pre College of CJS Seminary
& Sem. Hansson Labisig, P1 of CJS Seminary




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