Diversity is Innate in Nature

21 01 2013

By: Bishop Jose R. Manguiran, D.D.

Our planet-earth is endowed with diversity of sceneries and
diversity of life-forms whether invisible or visible:
Where there is diversity, there is beauty;
Where there is diversity, there is unity;
Where there is diversity, there is identity;
Where there is diversity of culture, there is relationship;
Where there is varied sound-wave, there is symphony.
Diversity is God’s decree innate in nature.

But some men of hyper-voltage pride intend to delete God’s decree
by imposing their own decree on similarity:
Where there is similarity, there is monotony;
Where there is similarity, there is monopoly;
An obsession for uniformity is monopoly;
One world government as dictated by Globalization is monopoly.
One world market economy as promoted by Global capitalism is monopoly.
One town, one product (OTOP) is monopoly.
Mono-cropping practice in agriculture is monopoly.
Mono-culture is monopoly.
When politics is monopolized by a clan (i.e. similar blood line), there is a case of dynasty.
Dynasty is a resurgence of the imperial families of the ancient times.
As usual, dynasty is more loyal to its consanguinity than to the citizenry.
Dynasty is contradictory to DEMOCRACY.

To impose man’s decree on similarity is anti-nature, anti-God,
To acknowledge and to practice God’s decree on DIVERSITY is pro-God,
pro-nature, pro-life.




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