Saint Anne Parish
Sibutad, Zamboanga del Norte
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Nemesio A. Sayon

Parish History
Gold is wealth. Literally and symbolically, this applies to Sibutad. It has gold deposits. But more important is the golden hearts of the people. Gold can corrupt. But the deep faith of the faithful helps them avoid such corruption. Sibutad is indeed blessed!

Its parish has been placed under the protection of Saint Anne even before its creation in June 20, 1970. The diocesan clergy has always managed it from Fr. Paulo Briones to the present pastor, Fr. Esquirion Santisas. Between them were Fr. Bernardo Baura, Fr. Genaro Rebosura, Fr. Alfredo Ganason, Fr. Luis Lapinid, Fr. Faron Calumba and Fr. Philip Alicayos, Fr. Cesar Tinga, Fr. Rodrigo Zafra, Fr. Nemesio Sayon present pastor.

Before the advent of BEC-program, the parish was brought to life by the mandated organizations and the charismatic renewal movement. When the flock was encouraged to form themselves into communities, the organizations and the movement were challenged to support it. Christian life was thus enhanced. Both the pastor, Fr. Sayon, and his flock are hopeful of the golden harvest out of their efforts spent for Jesus Christ and His Church.


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