Vicar Forane: Rev. Msgr. Rodrigo M. Zafra, VF

1. Saint Isidore the Farmer Parish
Polanco, Zamboanga del Norte
Parish Priest: Rev. Msgr. Rodrigo M. Zafra
Resident Priest: Rev. Fr. Simplicio C. Lomarda, Jr.

Parish History
Polanco is a municipality where a good number of the dwellers are farmers. Many of them have transferred residence to Dipolog City which is just eight kilometers away. But they, or their families have retained ownership of their land properties.
No wonder, Isidore, a farmer saint, has been selected by the faithful of Polanco to be their guide and patron. Their parish was established in 1954. Many priests have served them: Fr. Bernardino Costa, Fr. Caballero, Fr. Anacleto Pellano, Fr. Emigdio Socias, Fr. Alberto Romero, Fr. Gonzalo Villamil, Jr. and Fr. Bonifacio Alcantara, Fr. Edgar Agura, the incumbent pastor. Fr. Romero was killed at a chapel while blessing a picture of our Lady after a barrio fiesta mass in 1985.
That was the time when the church in Polanco was sandwiched between two warring groups fighting each other both for the sake of the Filipino people. The church, her leaders, her various organization and communities were suspected to be sympathizing or even conniving with one camp by the other side. It was a time of uncertainties and turmoil. But the faithful, inspired by the succeeding pastor, Fr. Jun, stood their ground.
More or less, the situation has gone back to normalcy. Traditional devotions and practices have return but they have been modified to suit the present time. Their past experience taught the people to integrate their faith with the rest of life and salvation with salvation with building ecclesial
communities. For this end, parochial formation programs are implemented anew.


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