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She was born… she crawled… she stood up… she started to walk… she is the church in Sirawai. At first, she began as a mission area of the Claretians and after them the PIME Fathers who served her from Siocon. After a while, she moved creeping… slowly but surely—when the people were able to organize and set direction for themselves. After the initial church structures were laid down, she started to stand on and walk with her own feet. Now, she has become more independent from the mother parish, Siocon. She has a resident priest, the PIME Father Zandro Brambilla. Lately, the flocks have formed themselves into communities. Canonically, Sirawai is not yet a parish. But the church is already prepared for the canonical creation.

As she is newly born and learns to be responsible in her freedom as a local church, Santo Niño is a fitting patron, as well as symbol, for the church in Sirawai. But she has to grow. Indeed, she is maturing, by building Christian communities, establishing income-generating cooperatives and dialoguing with other faith. The future of the Santo Niño Church in Sirawai is bright and challenging!


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