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Sibuco is the southernmost municipality of the province. It is also the southern border of the diocese separating it from the Archdiocese of Zamboanga. Not all residents in the area are Christians. A good number are Muslims. Accessibility to it by road, sea has improved. But much is still to be served by Rev. Fr. Alessandro Brambilla, PIME and the diocesan priests assigned in Sibuco Parish.

In principle, these priests go to and serve places where the local church is still to be organized. They prepare the way for future pastors, operating according to the need of the people. In Sibuco, the PIME Fathers feel that the people need to be organized, thus not only are the traditional church structures and organization being laid down. The sense of being built into Christian communities is getting stronger in the people. To enhance this spirit, cooperatives have been set up.

With their selfless dedication, the church in Sibuco will soon rise. When this time comes, the PIME Fathers may think that they have done their part. So, they pack up their things and bid their flock farewell. Certainly, the people will say “NO!” Whether they will listen to the people and stay, or stick to their PIME principle and depart, they have already left a lasting mark in the hearts of the people of Sibuco and its neighboring communities—not their mark but Christ!


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