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For some urban dwellers, a trip to Siayan is like a trip to the end of the world. But Shangrila, which symbolizes paradise, is usually depicted to be a remote place. So, for others a visit to Siayan is taking a glimpse or a foretaste of the Shangrila.

Certainly, the faithful of Siayan have their own Shangrila—making the reign of God real in their midst. That’s experiencing heaven on earth. So they pray and practice devotions. But they go beyond them. They have come up with parochial formation programs intended for their total human development. They have also organized themselves not only traditionally but also through income-generating cooperatives. But the church has to constantly remind them that cooperatives easily fall apart if they have not become communities first with faith in God as the basis of their unity. They are organizing themselves not primarily for economic reason they are the church.

So, Fr. Isagani Josol, the present pastor, has a lot to do for the good of his flock. To do this is following the footsteps of those ahead of him in managing the parish since the parochial erection in 1982: Fr. Bonifacio Alcantara, Fr. Rodrigo Zafra, Fr. Edwin Saldon, Fr. Nonoy Jumalon, Fr. Wilson Lagare, Fr. Allan Caermare and Fr. Raule Cadungod.

The flock in Siayan can surely rely on the help of their patron, St. Isidore, as they work together to make the “Shangrila” in Jesus Christ true in their place.


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