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Jesus already offered himself totally to God even as a child. His parents realized this upon finding him at the temple. At an early age, he had come to know the role of Father in His life and His own value in God’s plan to save humankind. Despite his tender age, he made a lifetime decision to dedicate himself wholly to the cause of human total liberation.

This is what Sto. Niño stands for. Hence, he fits being the patron of a very young parish. Erected two years (1990) age, the church in Sinuyak used to be under the jurisdiction of Katipunan. Upon becoming independent, the church as people decided to give themselves not only into the traditional mandated groups. Amidst the faithful, basic ecclesial communities are sprouting. Devotional practices are still retained. But activities intended to enhance development are joined with them. For instance, in preparation for the erection of the parish, the fold held not only a communal novena prayer but also nine days of seminar for different groups of parishioners (one group each day).

Sto. Niño symbolizes also the first pastor of Sinuyak, Fr. Nemesio Sayon. A young, and energetic priest, he has shown total dedication to his flock. He serves them both as leader and servant. As leader, he has helped them set a direction for their church. As servant, he ministers to them as someone in the mold of Good Shepherd.

Since Fr. Nemie, Sinuyak Church had been served by several priests, namely, Fr. Renato Paluca, Fr. Cruzito Manding, CSsR, Fr. James Philip Narisma, CSsR, Fr. Reynaldo Pardillada. Its present pastor is Rev. Fr. Teodoro Lagutin.

Sto. Niño grew to his manhood to die on the cross and rise to life. The church in Sinuyak under His care tasks herself never to stop journeying on the road to God’s reign through death and resurrection. What their patron was, so must they be!


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