Saint Philip Benizi Parish
Sergio Osmeña, Zamboanga del Norte
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Allan V. Caermare

Parish History
The area of Sergio Osemeña is also vast that it share border with seven municipalities of the province and with the province of Misamis Occidental and Zamboanga del Sur. The Maryknoll Fathers were the first full time missionaries in the area. They came in the area 70’s. Probably, the church became the parish under them. After their departure, the Parish of Dipolog took charge if it. Fr. Luis Lapinid visited it regularly to continue that the Maryknollers had begun. Fr. Expedito Caermare was able to reside at Sergio Osmeña for a few months in 1978. But systematized administration occurred only with the arrival of Fr. Edgar Agura in 1980.
The original patron of the church in Sergio Osmeña was the Resurrection. But when it was adopted as sister parish by an American church entrusted to St. Philip Benizi, the patron of the adopting church was also embraced.
Fr. Greg Canonigo succeeded Fr. Edgar. He continued the construction of the church as building and the formation of it as people into communities. The next pastor, Fr. Filomeno Cuaton, practically completed the church construction. This made possible for his successor, Fr. Atilano Tabaranza, to concentrate on the building of basic ecclesial communities in which the whole formation of the members was pursued. Unfortunately, Fr. Ati had to leave his parishioners prematurely, and without replacement, to assume an important work in the college seminary. The BEC program suffered due to the absence due to the absence of the pastor.
It is back to square one for the church in Sergio Osmeña. Priests like Fr. Beltran Patangan, merely visit it from other parishes for the administration of the sacraments. Once again, the people who have shown enthusiasm in their being members of the church are awaiting for the coming of the next year resident shepherd. May it be soon!


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